Our Works

  • Mohamed Ali Pasha
    The Movie narrates the biography of Mohamed Ali, founder and ruler of modern Egypt (1805-1848), his coming to the throne, and his success in establishing a monarchy in Egypt. The movie follows Al Pasha's military success until reaching Istanbul.
    - producer: AlJazeera Documentary 2011
    - Executive producder: tasgeely
    - Writer and director: Reda Fayez
  • The history of Currencies
    - A series of short documentary reports, narrating the history of currencies around the world.
    - producer: AlJazeera Documentary 2012
    - Executive producder: tasgeely
  • Aboul Fotouh, A Full Portrait.
    The complete biography of Egyptian Politician Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh.
    - Producer: Aboul Fotouh Presidential election campaign, 2012
    -Executive producder: tasgeely
  • Al-Masa'r (The destinies, Egypt and Algeria
    - A short documentary about the history of the Egyptian-Algerian relations in the second half of the 20th century.
    - Producer: Nile Sport, Egypt National Television.
    - Executive producder: tasgeely